Ever wondered what happens when you send BTC from an exchange or a wallet?

In each case, a transaction is created, signed with your keys, and broadcast to the network through the company behind the exchange or wallet. This means these companies know everything about your financial history.

There is a better way. It is now possible to connect directly to the network from your wallet using SPV.

Improve your privacy and run your own SPV node at home. Keep your transactions history and your balance confidential.


Blockchain networks work by consensus. More nodes increase security and reliability, by maintaining, validating and redistributing copies of the blockchain. Reinforce the network security and reliability by validating and propagating transactions.


Concerned about the scaling debate and the impact of BIP148 on August 1st ? Do you support the New York Agreement and want Segwit2X to succeed? Get your own node, run your favorite version of the software and show your support.


Who we are.


We have a strong experience in consumer electronics, security and crypto currencies. 

We are based in London and want to help people to be more active in the field.

Dr Jerome Rousselot founded Nodali as he believes everyone should be able to run their own node. To improve their financial privacy, to make the network more secure and to learn more about this foundational technology..

Jerome has been working for many years in Bitcoin and Blockchain with leading Bitcoin wallet, exchanges and startups Mycelium, Safello and Jita. Previously Jerome worked in consumer electronics, helping Secure Android for digital TV and designing smartphones.