Take Control.


Decentralized. You are in charge.

What if you could be in control of your finances? Manage your own money, send transactions securely and confidentially, and check your balance privately.

Nodali offers you the easiest and fastest way to connect directly to the Bitcoin Blockchain network.  Our hardware is small, silent and low-power.


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Energy Efficiency

The smallest, low-power and most quiet node ever.

Passive cooling technology and solid state memory for unmatched 0 dB.

Energy efficient ARM multicore and system optimization drive down power consumption under 10 W.



Reclaim your privacy.

Running your own node enables you to keep control of your financial information.

Compute and monitor your balance, transaction history and generate new transactions with the highest possible level of privacy.



Reinforce the network security by validating blocks, maintaining your own copy of the history and making the blockchain available to other nodes.

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